Now a days NoSQL databases are getting popular due to it’s flexibility of schema-less design. Relational database systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL have started supporting storing and indexing native JSON data type to achieve the benefits of schema-less design.

Recently I got a requirement to design a configurable application…

In this article, I will discuss how we can use Kubernetes Operator Pythonic Framework (Kopf) to build a simple operator to create and publish APIs in the API Gateway (WSO2 API Manager) when an API is deployed in a Kubernetes environment. Let’s check out the pre-requisites:

For the question “What is an Online Charging System?” we can simply define it as a system allowing a communications service provider to charge their customers, in real time, based on service usage. The OCS helps optimize the system by separating business activities and reducing technical and vendor dependency and…

When we are developing software applications, we design reusable components to apply the power and benefit of reusable. Reuse is still an emerging discipline. It appears in many different forms from ad-hoc reuse to systematic reuse, and from white-box reuse to black-box reuse.It’s more similar to dependency/package/library management in programming…

Nipun Thilakshan

Software Engineer, Tech enthusiast

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